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SpeedOpp General Pricing

We offer a professional speed optimization service for WordPress websites. Pricing is specific to the project, but we focus on the following variables when creating a quote.

Website size and density. The size of the website in terms of pages, elements, media, and more is immensely important when generating our quote. If you're a small local business with a three page website, your pricing quote will be much different than an enterprise level company with a 500 page website. 

Google PageSpeed Recommendations. Our entire service is built on the aggressive remediation of Google PageSpeed opportunities. For your website, we will generate a page speed report, note each individual opportunity, and estimate the amount of time and the proper tool needed to address it. As one should expect, websites with less opportunities will be charged last for the SpeedOpp service.

Our company is built on the pillar of “clients before anyone”. We offer numerous terms that favor you:

  • Guaranteed sub 3 second loading time of your website homepage, or your money back. 
  • Guaranteed increase in your Google PageSpeed score. 
  • 50% now, 50% on project completion. You can choose to pay in full, but you can also choose to put down a deposit. 

Our pricing is a transparent flat fee. You'll know what you're paying before we begin our service, and the flat fee is all you'll pay. 

Current Average Price: $93.40

Calculated from the average of our past 20 projects. We're always refining our pricing to offer clients more value!


Are there any monthly/annual recurring costs?

The SpeedOpp service is a one time flat fee. You will not be paying any monthly or annual payments to our company. In your optimization service, we may use some paid plugins. Our company will purchase the plug-in license on your behalf, and upon project completion, transfer the license and information over to you.
All plugins are licensed under the GPL2 or GPL3 licensing agreements.
You are not legally required to renew your license upon its expiration, but we recommend that you do. Updating plugins consistently lowers the risk of your website getting hacked.
In your quote, we will make a note of how much each plugin costs. We strive to use as many free solutions as possible, though it is necessary to use premium solutions in some cases.

How Long Will This Service Take To Complete?

A typical speed optimization service takes one to two days to complete. Depending on the size of the website and service needed, this figure can increase or decrease. In some cases, our service is completed within several hours.
When running the optimization service, your website will have no downtime , no noticeable front end differences, and your business will not be interrupted in any way.
We test all optimization changes on a staging environment before pushing them to your live website to ensure that there will be no issues page.

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