Our Guarantees

Our service rests upon two immovable guarantees.

Guarantee one. We will improve your Google PageSpeed score.

If your PageSpeed score does not improve, you will get your money back.
By implementing performance optimization solutions in your WordPress website, it is virtually impossible for your PageSpeed score not to improve. We mechanically remediate every single opportunity that is generated by Google. While we cannot guarantee the margin in which your score will increase, we can guarantee that it will increase. We can also state that the median increase in PageSpeed score as a result of our optimization is 32 points. 

This is a publicly verifiable metric the clients can review before and after the service using Google’s (third-party) PageSpeed Insights tool.

Guarantee two. Your homepage will load in 3 seconds or less.

This guarantee requires our team to bring their A-game every day. We conform to a standard sub-3 second loading time guarantee for homepages on every one of our projects. While our implementations of performance tools and manual optimization methods may change depending on your website, we guarantee that your home page will load in under 3 seconds. 

This guarantee applies to the speed index of the desktop version of your website's homepage. This is a publicly available metric that clients can access at anytime.
We encourage our clients to run a before and after scan of their website using PageSpeed Insights, so they can track the impact that this service makes on their website. 

We target a sub 3 second loading time of your homepage, as the average attention span of a human is around 3 seconds. By making your page load in under 3 seconds, where ensuring that we're able to capture as many visitors as possible. 

Typically, we’re able to beat the 3 second requirement, and make home pages and websites load in 2, or even 1 second.
These guarantees are available on our website, and something that you can verify using third party tools after our service is complete. Our company values customers above anything, which is why we offer these guarantees. We want you to be happy with your service, and will give you a full refund if we are unable to achieve both. 

We restate these guarantees in your quote, and on your service contract.

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Make your homepage load in 3 seconds, and increase your PageSpeed score. That's a guarantee. 
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